Innovation development for businesses at Paddl Games Challenges
Paddl Games facilitate innovation projects for businesses by drawing on teams of students and graduates with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds.

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Paddl gives you a useful and easy to use employer Profile that enables you (or your Paddl Account Manager) to post campaigns and set filters to attract the right applicants.

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Target the talent you want

We use advanced filters matched to your campaign to surface relevant applicants. This means you only invest time in the people you want to interview - no more wasted time filtering irrelevant applicants.

Use scorecards for faster shortlisting

Use engaging Paddl Challenges to quickly filter up applicants right for your business and role. Outline your 'must-haves' and see immediately who meets your requirements.

Assess talent based on skills not tasks

The Paddl resume allows you to assess talent based on the skills they have acquired through their experiences rather than just the tasks they have performed.

Grow your talent pool

Use Paddl Jobs to engage Students & Graduates relevant to your business and grow a list of amazing future hires. Their experience and details are all captured on their beautiful Paddl Profile.

Paddl gathers student talent from leading educators across Australia.
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